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Information Picket Today!

Attention TriMet-ATU 757 Members and all ATU Activists!Please join us today, April 27th at 4:30 pm outside the Portland Building, 1120 SW 5th Avenue, Portland for April’s Information Picket. TriMet’s Board of Directors’ will be offering the public an opportunity … Continue reading

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More on “Connecting the Dots”

The letter below was sent out March 17th in response to Mr. McFarlane’s “Connecting the Dots: PMLR, the budget and the union contract” article: Dear Neil: I read the repost of your “Connecting the Dots” series. Neil, if you spent as … Continue reading

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Connecting the Dots

ATU 757 Members: I read Neil McFarlane’s communication to TriMet members titled “Connecting the Dots.” In his communication, McFarlane preached the ago-old party line that separate pots of money can only be used for certain things. For example, McFarlane claims … Continue reading

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Video of Sam Gillespie, Grievance Director of UFCW Local 555 addressing TriMet Board of Directors; closing words from President Jonathan Hunt


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Shell Game

Here we go again. It appears that TriMet has mastered the art of the “shell game.” Under Neil McFarlane’s leadership,  TriMet believes that it can directly communicate with its unionized workforce and convince them that they should feel  good about … Continue reading

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Negotiations Status Update

Wednesday’s TriMet Board meeting produced some lively discussion. It is unfortunate that the President of the Board allowed his frustration to end the meeting abruptly, not allowing one of his board members, Lynn Lehrbach, the opportunity to speak on very … Continue reading

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A Response from McFarlane:

Jon- I couldn’t agree more that the best way to resolve this is to sit down and negotiate, or failing that, advancing as quickly as possible to interest arbitration. Shelly and I stand ready to meet with you at any … Continue reading

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