Open Letter to TriMet Passengers:

TriMet’s management team has launched a new fare confrontation campaign that we believe is unsafe and unfair. Specifically:

1. Road and Rail Supervisors have been told that, each day, we must confront a minimum of 35 people per hour, demanding to see their fares.

2. It is “expected” that these confrontations will result in each road and rail supervisor issuing at least 4 citations per hour.

3. These citations will cost the recipient $175 each.

4. We have been instructed that we cannot give warnings and under no circumstances will we be allowed to accept a passenger’s excuse preventing the issuance of one of these expensive citations.

5. We have been given no meaningful or realistic training on how to perform this task in a way that is safe for us, those passengers we confront, and other passengers.

6. We have been instructed to focus our fare confrontation activities on the Yellow Line into and out of North Portland with an emphasis on the Albina/Mississippi stops as well as all stops along Interstate Avenue.

We believe TriMet management’s new enforcement policy is unsafe and unfair to us and to TriMet riders. If you agree, contact the TriMet Board Members or sign the online petition. 

Thank you,

Your TriMet Road and Rail Supervisors

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1 Response to Open Letter to TriMet Passengers:

  1. andi says:

    yes. unsafe and also racist.

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