TriMet’s FairyTale

Follow the link for the recent letter from the Northwest Oregon Labor Council to Neil McFarlane, General Manager of TriMet concerning the ongoing contract dispute as reported by ATU 757 Political Coordinator Mike Pucik. What is interesting is the response the Labor Council received from TriMet, not from Neil McFarlane, but from TriMet’s Labor Relation’s Director, Randy Stedman.

In typical TriMet fashion, Stedman is now floating the idea that the Oregon Employment Relations Board (ERB) may lack jurisdiction over Trimet and its three rulings which found TriMet to be in violation of the law. TriMet never quits. Always trying to put the blame for poor management decisions on someone else.

And what is really amazing is Stedman’s claim that “TriMet is unabashedly pro-union and strongly believes in traditional principles of collective bargaining under PECBA.” It would actually be funny, but unfortunately it isn’t because TriMet leadership really believes this “fairytale” store.

Check out the links and see for yourself:

letter to TriMet:

response from TriMet:


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