Why is there a budget shortfall at TriMet?

Logon to http://www.trimet.org/choices/why-is-there-a-budget-shortfall
Go to the TriMet website and see how they are blaming unionized employees for most all of their financial problems. Then click on “Tell us what you think” and give your thoughts as to what the problems are and how to fix them. Here are some of our suggestions:

Problem: Leadership, bad decision-making
Fix: Total shakeup and change in top management

Problem: Private paratransit contractors too expensive
Fix: Bring in-house and immediately save over 7 million dollars

Problem: Management Positions
Fix: Reduce top heavy management positions to 2006 levels, save 5 million dollars

Problem: Appointed Board of Directors, rubber stamp management actions
Fix: Elected Board accountable to the taxpayers

These are just a few problems and fixes we came up with in a few minutes. There are many more. Make sure you go to TriMet’s website and let them know how you feel.

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