More on “Connecting the Dots”

The letter below was sent out March 17th in response to Mr. McFarlane’s “Connecting the Dots: PMLR, the budget and the union contract” article:

Dear Neil:

I read the repost of your “Connecting the Dots” series. Neil, if you spent as much time and energy on trying to settle the 15 month old labor dispute as you spend writing to your employees in trying to convince them your offer is a “good deal,” this dispute would have been settled a long time ago.

What you conveniently left out of your “bridge agreement” explanation was that you refuse to repay active employees for insurance premiums and increased medical costs as a result of your unlawful implementation. You also forgot to mention that in addition to the concessions you are seeking in a “bridge agreement,” you plan to submit even more significant concessions to an arbitrator, including severe cuts to current and future retiree health insurance, as well as active employees.

I suggest that you spend your time in the future, preparing for how you plan to address the taxpayers of the Region should the State of Oregon find that you unlawfully changed the collective bargaining agreement during the pendency of negotiations and arbitration. The amount of liability to taxpayers could be staggering, due to once again, what appears to be a bad management decision.


Jonathan Hunt,

President – Business Representative

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