Shell Game

Here we go again. It appears that TriMet has mastered the art of the “shell game.” Under Neil McFarlane’s leadership,
 TriMet believes that it can directly communicate with its unionized workforce and convince them that they should feel
 good about TriMet taking away their hard earned benefits without bargaining. The truth is, that TriMet’s position of
wanting huge concessions from its employees has not changed during the past year and a half of bargaining, and in fact,
 to some extent, has gotten worse.

“Now you see it, now you don’t” is the game TriMet continues to play.  If TriMet is so confident that an independent
arbitrator is going to buy their hard luck story and let them balance their budget on the backs of the employees, then
 why doesn’t TriMet comply with the law and let the legal process resolve the dispute? Maybe the reason is that when the
 shell is lifted, the “pea” is nowhere to be found!

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1 Response to Shell Game

  1. AL M says:

    As much as I used to criticize Fred, at least he had ethics!
    This capital projects guy must have a masters degree in obloquy!

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