February 2nd Negotiations Update

Once again, Neil McFarlane’ description of negotiations last Friday and yesterday was “fiction” as usual. TriMet’s position is the same as it has been: “take-away after take-away.” One thing he didn’t write about is what time talks ended last Friday. Since TriMet management doesn’t work past five o’clock, that is when they ended talks. Goes to show how important employees are to TriMet, doesn’t it?

 It’s clear that TriMet is not getting it. I encourage all of you to show up at the next Board of Directors’ meeting February 23rd, and please keep an eye on upcoming Tracking Fasters, our website, and follow us on Facebook as we will be looking for opportunities to visit the homes of TriMet management, and the Board of Directors. As we’ve stated before, we will use every legal method available to us in order to put pressure on TriMet’s illegal implementation of health insurance and send a strong message that without a good working relationship and somebody that understands labor management this system will not run smoothly.

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